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Being Part of History

Bitter or sweet, we all have survived and in the future, we will have the most unique memories to share with our children and grandchildren. No good stories should go without a memorable memento, grab our once in a life time medal and keep the memories alive forever.

End Police Brutality & Racial Profiling

On 25th of May, a police officer knelt down on George Floyd's neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds ignoring his pleas #icantbreathe. Floyd may or may not be a criminal but how he was handled was INHUMANE and was driven by prejudice and stereotype towards the black community. Floyd was just one of the many who lost his life to racism. 

Remember Those Who Won And Lose The Battle With Colon Cancer and Spread Awareness

Spread the awareness and importance of checking your symptoms of colon cancer with your doctor. We all had a friend/family member who win or lost their battle with colon cancer. 

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